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Kinergetics is a from Kinesiology that uses muscle monitoring to identify stress or dysfunction in the body’s energy field. It can be used to find blocks or sabotages in personal growth, imbalances in the physical body, and mental and emotional stress. Working with the body’s energy fields, Kinergetics is effective in helping in a wide range of health problems, especially where the underlying factor is related to emotional stress.

Kinergetics also improves the body’s ability to utilize water, hydration, and elmination of various toxins in the body. Kinergetics has shown resulted in great improvements for those suffering from heavy metal/anaesthetic, or chemical sensitivity. It also helps identify and clear stresses in the subtle bodies, where physical manifestations are often caused.

Balancing the energy field of the body helps to stregthen weak areas that may be caused from injury or illness. The balancing process then allows the body to repair itself.