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Brain Integration


Dr. Charles Krebs, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking, has constructed a model of brain integration. He created a system that can restore brain integration that may range from the simple loss of integration in specific circumstances, to things that occurred in early life which have resulted in on-going disintegrated brain function.

There are many causes that underlie what creates stress for each person but there are several common factors that can cause loss of brain integration. Four of the major causes are as follows (see page 207 of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking):

  • Instantaneous circumstantial stress: Occurs in a particular situation and only lasts for the duration of the situation.
  • Disintegration of a specific brain function: Results from being exposed to a certain type of stressor. (i.e. losing integration in a particular part of math, etc.)
  • Corpus callosum shutdown: Originates as a coping mechanism for stresses in that may have occurred in early childhood, and is usually an on-going state.
  • Deep level switching: Deep level of confusion in mental processing. Gestalt and Logic information is switched. This has the most profound effects related to poor brain integration.