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Applied Physiology

Applied Physiology is a holistic therapy based on the well-being of structural, chemical, mental, and emotional balance. Disturbances in our life energy result in imbalance in these systems. Muscle testing does not measure the pure physical strength of a muscle. It measures how the nervous system controls its muscle function. Muscle testing helps bypass the conscious thinking process to isolate causal factors in the subconscious, body, and etheric levels. This helps to identify disturbed energy patterns in the body’s various systems, reflecting the body’s overall state of health.

The meridian system is an important system that conveys the life force energy to every aspect of the body. Each muscle in the body has a direct energetic relationship with its primary meridian, in addition it has secondary connections with every other meridian in the body. Because each meridian is influenced by the other meridians, it forms an energetic hologram. Stress holding patterns are held in these holographic interconnections.

Most people live in a compensated state of balanced imbalances. Applied Physiology works to restore the balance in the energy systems of the body and bring homeostasis to the system. Depending on the body’s priority, tuning forks, color light therapy, acupressure, hand/foot polarity reflexology, flower essences, neurolymphathic and/or neruovascular massage, or acu-touch may be used to balance the systems.