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Elayne Le Monde

“Life’s purpose is to remember who we are, to recognize our own unique soul essence and the beautiful mission we are to fulfill. As a divine, wise soul, all the wisdom and power is contained within. Standing in our strength, dismissing our fears and doubts, and living in integrity with our dreams is where all possibilities lie.”
~ Elaine Lemon from Beyond Beautiful

Elayne offers her lessons through metaphors which directly relate to her own personal life experiences. She tells us that authenticity is the only way to fully live life, and that Truth is revealed as you let go of the lies. Elayne teaches that when you decide to quit being a victim of your conditions by being accountable for your disappointments, you consciously choose a positive outcome. Your ego is a gift to you when it is a servant to your Spirit. Elayne feels that every single one of you has a beautiful purpose longing to be expressed which brings joy and abundance not only to yourself but also to many others. Her words of love will be a catalyst and inspiration to the discovery of your own inner essence, which is beyond beautiful.